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High Pressure High Speed Steam Sterilizer /Autoclave Vertical with Steam Jacket

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Quick Overview

Salient Features:

  • Specially designed Vertical Autoclave with Steam Jacket for High Speed Sterilization process as steam remained stored in the Steam Jacket when Drum Chamber is being reloaded.

  • Radial locking arms with pedal lifting device for lighten & Lifting of lid.

  • Triple walled.

  • Inner Drum Chamber, Steam Jacket, Outer wall and lid made of SS-304 Grade Stainless Steel.

  • Molded joint less neoprene rubber gasket.

  • Auto Pressure Control device (auto cut off safety device for overheating) to maintain the required pressure.

  • Automatic Vacuum Valve fitted with Drum Chamber for regular exhaust of vacuum.

  • One hour timer switch adjustable for any required time for sterilization and after that period this will disconnect the heater.

  • Alarm switch for the indication of pressure.

  • Automatic Low Water Level Cut off device for heater safety.

  • Water level indicator.

  • Steam Jacket Pressure Gauge and Safety Valve fitted on the Top Front of the Autoclave.

  • Drum Chamber Pressure Gauge and Safety Valve fitted on the lid.

  • Water inlet & Outlet valve.

  • Drum Chamber Release Valve.

  • Safety Valve Spring Loaded.

  • Vacuum Valve fitted on lid.

Sizes:16 x 24 (400mm x 600mm) (Double Drum, Drum Size: 15 x 12).16 x 36 (400mm x 900mm) (Three Drum, Drum Size: 15 x 12).

Seller: Aggarwal Surgicals