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PCSoft - MMC 3014 - Multispeciality Motorised C Arm compatible Table

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Quick Overview

Multispeciality Automatic OT table C Arm compatible with remote is the need of the hour in the busy schedule of the surgeons.

In surgical practice TIME, Precision and Flexibillity are the most desired specifications from the OT Table.
Also due to SCARECITY of skilled OT Assistants is the reality. This call for MAXIMUM Independence from the Human dependence is a must.

This call for the AUTOMATION of the OT, and hence the MOTORISED technology giving the SMOOTH, Reliable and Robust technaology with flexibility to get the PERFECT POSITIONING OF THE PATIENT Body.

MMC 3014 fits all the sepcifications and designed with MODULAR design to suit for every practitioner from the STARTing up to the Senior most.

Seller: PCSoft Systems ( O.T.Engrs.Equips)