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Amit Bhola
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# 4000 Hill Road Kacha Bazar, Haryana (India), Ambala Cantt
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Welcome to Microscopes Manufacturer. We are leading manufacturer and exporters of Microscopes, Laboratory Glassware, Laboratory Equipment, Medical Surgical Equipments, Scientific Instrument & Allied Product. You may also refer to our F.A.Q. page to know more about our company. Our main products are given below. LABKRON is proud of its team of highly experienced technical staff who are always in search of the ultimate design and applicability of modern techniques. LABKRON is AN ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organization. Make LABKRON your one – stop source for Science Teaching Supplies delivery as per nature & quantity of the order. Our prices are beyond your expectations without sacrificing the quality, performance & accuracy. What your future products need is some past experience. We have the privilege of having that experience. Making a scientific discovery is not so important today, as manufacturing best quality equipment giving highest degree of accuracy and precision. Only while working with such instruments, we can discover something new.

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